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December 2016 Archives

Are construction workers being injured in preventable accidents?

Construction is an important industry in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida. In fact, the Florida Bureau of Labor Market Statistics predicts that building construction will be among the fastest growing industries this year. Unfortunately, a recent article questions whether safety practices are keeping pace with the growth in the construction and shipping industries.

Going back to work in construction after a catastrophic injury

For construction workers, a work-related injury has the potential to be extremely serious. Injuries to the head, neck, back, brain and spinal cord are among the most common catastrophic injuries sustained from construction site accidents, with severe burns and electrical injuries also occurring at a higher rate than in most other industries.

Awareness of confined space threats can save workers' lives

Florida workers in various industries in and around West Palm Beach may put their lives on the line without even realizing it. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations related to confined spaces and regulating access to them, you and your co-workers may not be able to identify these dangers. Employers sometimes fail to adequately evaluate the attributes of dangerous areas, and then send workers into high-risk areas without proper safeguards.

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