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January 2017 Archives

Social Security Disability benefits and workers' compensation

Florida residents who suffer an injury while working and receive workers' compensation might not know that they may also be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. However, when a person is disabled and seeking these benefits, it is important to understand how receiving workers' compensation benefits might have an influence on the what is received through Social Security Disability. The Social Security Administration has certain criteria as to whether the amount the person can receive is affected by workers' compensation. Knowing these regulations and the percentages is important.

How OSHA does protect employees from workplace injuries?

In 1906, Upton Sinclair published the landmark novel, "The Jungle", shining a light on the harsh and dangerous working conditions of employees in the meatpacking industry. It wasn't until more than six decades later though, when the United States government formed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, and passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, that worker's rights were legally protected against hazardous working conditions.

Traumatic brain injuries cause serious disabilities to workers

The serious and catastrophic effects of head injuries has recently been under a national spotlight following the ongoing battle between retired football players and the National Football League, or NFL. To address the situation, additional rules and penalties have been created to help protect the well-being of the professional players. While the NFL can be applauded for their recent efforts, their failure to address the situation in the past has led to much scrutiny for the league.

Three construction workers die entering manhole

Tragedy struck the families of three utility workers who died last Sunday, January, 15, 2017, in Key Largo, Florida, when they each attempted to address a paved street that was not properly settling. The tragedy began when one worker descended a manhole try to determine the reason for the problem. He soon when silent, prompting another worker to head down to check on him, fearing the first worker may have been trapped. Again, silence. A third worker, recognizing a serious problem, then descended in an effort to safe his co-workers. He too, did not return.

Florida construction worker fell and died in a work accident

People in Florida who work in the construction industry invariably take a significant amount of pride in helping to create something from nothing and watching as their role in a project helps it come to life. However, these jobs also carry with them a certain amount of inherent danger. Those who have a loved one working construction will dread receiving the phone call that their loved one died in a work accident. Unfortunately, this type of thing does happens and those affected need to know what to do in its aftermath.

The most common workplace injuries

When you hear that someone was injured working construction or manufacturing, you may not be surprised. Certain jobs carry much higher risks for injuries. However, no job is completely safe, and even the most sedentary occupations may pose hazards, even if you don't hear about them as often as tragedies on construction sites or in factories.

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