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Traumatic brain injuries cause serious disabilities to workers

The serious and catastrophic effects of head injuries has recently been under a national spotlight following the ongoing battle between retired football players and the National Football League, or NFL. To address the situation, additional rules and penalties have been created to help protect the well-being of the professional players. While the NFL can be applauded for their recent efforts, their failure to address the situation in the past has led to much scrutiny for the league.

Head injuries do not just affect sports athletes however. There are many workplaces with inherent risks and dangerous conditions that could lead to serious head injuries and traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. Any blow to a person's head can cause damage to the brain. In mild cases, this is often called a concussion, but more violent impacts to the brain can lead to far more serious injuries, often with long-term or life-long consequences and disabilities.

Victims of workplace injuries involving traumatic brain injuries may be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits for their injuries. If it can be determined that the injury will prevent a worker from maintaining gainful activity and employment for at least a year, or of the injury is expected to end in death, the worker may qualify.

The process for applying for Social Security Disability Benefits is not always easy. This can be compounded by the victim already struggling to deal with the injury on a day by day basis. Failing to follow the all the necessary requirements and filling out the proper paperwork may lead to a denial. Victims may wish to speak with a firm handling Social Security Disability claims for help in applying for the benefits.

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