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February 2017 Archives

Legal help available for Florida workers' compensation claims

Under Florida law, all construction employers and all other employers with four or more employees must provide workers' compensation coverage to their employees. If one or more of these employees are injured in the course and scope of employment, the employees are eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

What do you need to do for workers' compensation benefits?

When Florida workers suffer an injury that leaves them unable to work, it is imperative to get the proper treatment as soon as possible. Once that is done, the inability to work will often leave a person unable to make ends meet due to lost wages. This is why workers' compensation benefits are so important. There are certain duties that a worker has when there has been a work accident or a condition suffered because of work. Knowing these duties is similarly crucial to getting medical care from an authorized treating physician.

Wage replacement through workers' compensation benefits

Florida workers who are injured and cannot work, or those who have lost wages because of a work injury or illness, might be eligible to receive wage replacement through workers' compensation benefits. Those who have been disabled for a time period that goes beyond seven calendar days and are unable to do their normal job based on advice from a doctor authorized to provide treatment might get these benefits. They will start on the eighth day in which they are partially and totally disabled.

Work-related motor vehicle accident kills construction worker

Florida construction workers and their families are keenly aware that there is a certain amount of risk in their chosen profession. Given the nature of the work with heavy equipment, large vehicles, working at significant heights and the physical nature of it, accidents can happen that lead to injuries and death. One of the worst calls that a family member can receive about a loved one is that they have been killed in a work-related accident. When this happens, there will be a number of things that must be done, including considering a wrongful death lawsuit.

Should you file a workers' compensation claim for carpal tunnel?

The intent of workers' compensation benefits is to provide financial support for individuals who are suffering from work-related injuries. While many Florida workers require these benefits after a one-time accident, some conditions are a direct result of what a person does over an extended period for his or her job. A primary example of this is carpal tunnel syndrome and other types of repetitive stress injuries.

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