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March 2017 Archives

Scaffold injuries occur often for Florida construction workers

. Most construction workers can take pride in how hard they work from sun up to sun down. Unfortunately, accidents can befall construction workers and result in serious injuries and the need for medical attention. These injuries can continue to compound into negative effects for the worker by causing victims to lose wages due to an inability to work.

Who is eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits?

If a person has suffered an injury or illness and it has affected their ability to work for a prolonged period of time, they may start to consider their options. Since putting in hours at a person's typical job is out of the question at this point, how does one put food on the table? If a person has worked the appropriate amount of time in a job that contributed to Social Security, they may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

The eyes have it

You probably value your independence. Getting into your car to drive yourself wherever you want to go, sitting down in the evening to read or watch television, or relaxing in front of your favorite computer game or websites are things you enjoy but maybe take for granted. Perhaps you take these luxuries for granted every day at work when you decide not to wear your protective eyewear.

Closing arguments in wrongful death case, FL officer on trial

Closing arguments have been made in a wrongful death case against a West Palm Beach police officer. The case caught mass media attention when a young man was shot and killed by the police officer on his family's property. According to the officer, there was a threat of deadly force before he discharged his weapon. According to the young man's family, his actions were negligent and without merit.

Some general information on herniated discs

Back problems are a very common cause of workers' compensation claims. West Palm Beach residents can rest assured that if their ability to work is impacted by back complaints arising from their work, they are not alone. And a very common cause of back problems is a herniated disc. This blog post will give some general information on this painful condition. If a back problem is affecting your life, you should make an appointment with a doctor.

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