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Closing arguments in wrongful death case, FL officer on trial

Closing arguments have been made in a wrongful death case against a West Palm Beach police officer. The case caught mass media attention when a young man was shot and killed by the police officer on his family's property. According to the officer, there was a threat of deadly force before he discharged his weapon. According to the young man's family, his actions were negligent and without merit.

According to testimony and evidence in the case, the officers had been investigating a gang known as the Safe Boyz. According to the officer, he thought that the deceased was one of the gang members because 'that's what made sense to him." At some point, the officer discharged his weapon, which killed the young man. The young man's family is seeking between $10 and $20 million in the wrongful death suit that alleges the officer used excessive force when he shot and killed their son.

The defense argued that the accused had advanced on the officer in a way that made him believe that he had a weapon. No weapon was found on or near the deceased. The parents are seeking damages to the tune of $10-$20 million for the losses incurred and to be incurred due to his death. It was suggested that the officer concocted his story in response to how the evidence mis-matched what was found at the scene.

While the jury deliberates, both sides anxiously await the verdict. The death of a family member is such a sudden and tragic event, especially when violence is involved. There isn't anything that will bring the loved one back, but it is good to put what happened to him on record. His story deserves to be told.

Source:, "Wrongful Death Case: Parents each ask $5M - $10M", March 13, 2017

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