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Scaffold injuries occur often for Florida construction workers

. Most construction workers can take pride in how hard they work from sun up to sun down. Unfortunately, accidents can befall construction workers and result in serious injuries and the need for medical attention. These injuries can continue to compound into negative effects for the worker by causing victims to lose wages due to an inability to work.

One type of injury that often affects West Palm Beach construction workers are those resulting from scaffolding. Scaffolding injuries can occur when construction workers fall from defective, improperly installed or unreasonably safe scaffold equipment. In addition, an employer's failure to ensure the use of protective equipment and falling objects can affect workers on scaffolds, lifts and ladders. According to OSHA, approximately 65% of construction workers are frequently involved with projects involving scaffolding.

For this reason, workers are often injured by scaffolding and on scaffolding-related jobs. According to OSHA, employers and employees are required to comply with regulations in order to prevent injuries on the job. If an employer did not comply with OSHA regulation and it resulted in a worker's injury, they could be held liable for the workers' compensation claim

Scaffolding work is an inherently dangerous job, but with proper precautions and training, major accidents and injuries can be avoided. For a person who makes their living by using their body as their tool, a serious injury can be devastating. A hurt back, for example, could easily occur after a scaffolding fall. Attorneys are available to assist those who suffered on-the-job injuries pursue compensation.

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