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Some general information on herniated discs

Back problems are a very common cause of workers' compensation claims. West Palm Beach residents can rest assured that if their ability to work is impacted by back complaints arising from their work, they are not alone. And a very common cause of back problems is a herniated disc. This blog post will give some general information on this painful condition. If a back problem is affecting your life, you should make an appointment with a doctor.

As you may know, the bones in your spine consist of numerous vertebrae. Between each pair of vertebrae is a cushioning structure called a spinal disc. Sometimes these discs can rupture or leak. This in turn can irritate the nerves in the area, causing pain. If the herniated disc is in the lower back, the pain can involve the leg, thigh, buttocks or foot. If the herniated disc is close to the neck, the pain can involve the arms and shoulders. Sometimes the pain will manifest as numbness, tingling or weakness.

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical treatment. The usual cause of herniated discs is disc degeneration, which is gradual wear and tear - often related to age - on the spinal discs. Although a herniated disc can affect anyone, people with strenuous jobs involving repetitive pulling, pushing, lifting, twisting and bending sideways are at higher risk of a herniated disc.

Employees should file a workers' compensation claim if they believe that a herniated disc is related to their work. Workers' compensation can cover medical bills and lost wages if the claim is approved.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Herniated disk," accessed on Feb. 26, 2017

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