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April 2017 Archives

Underwater filmmaker's family files suit after diving accident

When news broke that Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart was missing after a routine dive in the Florida Keys, a large suit followed to search for him. Rob was best known for his 2006 Film "Sharkwater," which took a look at the impact of shark hunting/fishing on the ecosystem. On his last dive, he and a co-worker were diving to film footage for their follow-up film. After surfacing, Rob and Rob's dive partner were having trouble breathing.

Work injury and potential sources of income replacement

Work injuries can be much more serious than a scrape or a bruise that can cause minor discomfort. They cause a person to be unable to work and have other lasting repercussions such as long-term health problems. There are a few ways to offset the financial strain that a work injury may cause a worker and his or her family.

Florida work-related death toll rises above national average

OSHA, along with other state-appointed agencies, monitor and investigate incidents of work-related accidents, injuries and deaths. These incidences are not only investigated, they are tracked for the purpose of determining trends in workplace injury and death that can be minimized or eliminated completely. Many work-related deaths are the result of an unsafe work environment.

Spinal cord injuries after Florida work accidents

On some level, people think that an accident could never happen to them, only to others. While this may not be a conscious thought, many people who have suffered a serious injury after an accident will say that they never thought it could happen to them. The reality is, accidents and injuries can happen to anyone.

Injuring the spinal cord: The body's communication system

Your spinal cord functions as the communication line between your brain and your body. When you suffer an injury that bruises, tears or severs this line of communication, the messages between your head and the rest of your body are interrupted. Think of it as a loss of signal as you travel between cell phone towers. The messages back and forth from your brain to your body are the calls. When a cell phone tower goes down, calls get dropped. Of course, the bundles of nerves that make up your spinal cord are infinitely more complex, but the result remains the same -- no information gets through.

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