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Florida work-related death toll rises above national average

OSHA, along with other state-appointed agencies, monitor and investigate incidents of work-related accidents, injuries and deaths. These incidences are not only investigated, they are tracked for the purpose of determining trends in workplace injury and death that can be minimized or eliminated completely. Many work-related deaths are the result of an unsafe work environment.

According to recent statistics, Florida has really seen an increase in recent work deaths, according to the most current statistics. Florida had larger increase in its worker death toll in 2015 when compared to the deal toll for the nation as a whole. Job-related deaths in Florida increased by 44 in the year of 2015, reaching 272. Across the entire U.S., worker deaths increased by 36 during that time, on average. Of all of these deaths, some of them were purely accidental and others were due to negligence on behalf of a person or party.

Many Florida families experienced the sorrow of losing a loved one in 2015, their stories put a face to the otherwise unimaginable statistic. For example, an Interstate 4 worker lost his life due to improper safety precautions, according to OSHA. A forklift driver at a manufacturing plant was killed when some heavy materials fell on him. OSHA claims that the company could have been more proactive in setting safety measures to prevent this work death from occurring.

These instances are only a small sample that represents just how dangerous a workplace can be. People working in manufacturing and construction industries are especially susceptible to injury or death. The death of a family member can be a very challenging time. There ways to obtain compensation after a work-related accident resulting in a loved one's death.

Source:, "Florida's workplace death rate rises more than nation, data show," Mary Shanklin, March 20, 2017

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