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Spinal cord injuries after Florida work accidents

On some level, people think that an accident could never happen to them, only to others. While this may not be a conscious thought, many people who have suffered a serious injury after an accident will say that they never thought it could happen to them. The reality is, accidents and injuries can happen to anyone.

For example, an injury could happen on the job that seriously injures a person's spinal cord. Spinal cord injury isn't like a broken arm. Yes, broken arms can be pesky and painful, but they usually heal with time and therapy. Spinal cord injuries, on the other hand, can be irreparable and can have lasting conditions associated with them such as paralysis. Spinal cord injuries could prevent a person from being able to work, enjoy things they once loved to do and can change the path of life for the injured and their family.

As Vassallo Bilotta Friedman & Davis, we understand how destructive and debilitating a spinal cord injury can be. This is why we recommend taking action against those who are responsible or against government programs who may have denied benefits or offered minimal benefits based on your condition. Workers' compensation can help to cover the injury if it happened at work, but they may not be enough if negligence was involved on behalf of a party at the time of injury. Lost wages are just one part of the equation.

A full investigation can help to uncover details about the accident that may not have been known originally. Keeping records about medical expenses and treatments can be helpful for proving what the liability is for the appropriate party. Spinal cord injury is serious and should be treated as such. This means seeking the best in medical treatment and rehabilitation.

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