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Underwater filmmaker's family files suit after diving accident

When news broke that Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart was missing after a routine dive in the Florida Keys, a large suit followed to search for him. Rob was best known for his 2006 Film "Sharkwater," which took a look at the impact of shark hunting/fishing on the ecosystem. On his last dive, he and a co-worker were diving to film footage for their follow-up film. After surfacing, Rob and Rob's dive partner were having trouble breathing.

This can happen quite easily once one surfaces from a deep-sea dive. The two had been approximately 230 feet down unhooking a grappling hook and were visibly distressed when they resurfaced. The crew, and named defendants in a wrongful death suit, rushed to Rob's co-worker's aid and yet Rob managed to slip away in the confusion.

Rob's body was found three days later approximately 300 feet from where he was last spotted on the surface. Several defendants have been named in the wrongful death suit, including Horizon Dive Adventures of Key Largo, Florida, Add Helium LLC of Fort Lauderdale, and Florida and dive organizers Peter and Claudia Sotis, who operate Add Helium. The family of Stewart hopes to change the way dive irresponsible dive businesses operate in hopes of preventing another tragedy. Their wish is for Rob's dream of ocean conservation to live on.

Work-related accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. In the worst-case scenarios, they can result in fatal injuries. When such tragedies occur, it may be appropriate to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit and seeking the assistance of a reliable attorney can help move forward with a solid plan of legal action.

Source:, "Family Files Wrongful Death Suit in Filmmakers Florida Keys Dive Death," Curt Anderson, March 30, 2017

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