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May 2017 Archives

What are your rights if your job costs you an arm or a leg?

If you have suffered a non-serious workplace injury, you might be able to pursue workers' compensation benefits without legal assistance. However, not all benefits claims are approved, and navigating complicated cases involving serious injuries may prove to be challenging. If you suffered a catastrophic injury that caused a disability that prevented you from returning to your regular job, the support of an experienced attorney should prove to be a valuable asset.

What can workers do if their workplace is unsafe?

Every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work environment. There is no exception to this rule, regardless of the industry in which one works. Naturally, certain jobs are more dangerous than others, but these industries are expected to uphold an even higher standard of safety and care for their employees.

Florida construction site injury claims life, injures another

Thinking about the hazards that construction workers may face on a daily basis is staggering. This line of work is naturally dangerous, with all of the heavy machinery, heights and other dangerous factors involved. It could be easy for a worker to be involved in a workplace accident, whether or not that accident was on their behalf of not.

Workers' compensation and a loved one's sudden workplace death

The day in which a loved one is tragically killed in a work accident often starts out like any other. Oftentimes, nothing about the start of the day seems unordinary. This can really hit home with West Palm Beach families who have lost loved ones when they died in a work accident.

Seeking Social Security Disability benefits can be worthwhile

The average worker puts in decades of work before they hit the age of retirement. All of those years of work are most often partially contributing paycheck by paycheck to a social security fund. Social Security is broken down into categories, one of which covers workers who have contributed to social security and can no longer seek or hold employment due to injury or illness.

Will your work history work against a disability benefits claim?

As a disabled individual with limited resources, you may have legitimate concerns regarding how you will support your family and take care of yourself. For many individuals with disabling physical or mental conditions, securing Social Security Disability benefits may be an option, but what if you are not eligible? If you do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, you may have the option to seek another type of benefit.

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