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What can workers do if their workplace is unsafe?

Every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work environment. There is no exception to this rule, regardless of the industry in which one works. Naturally, certain jobs are more dangerous than others, but these industries are expected to uphold an even higher standard of safety and care for their employees.

Many West Palm Beach workers may find out that their workplace was dangerous only after it is too late. One could already have been negatively affected when an unsafe working condition or substance by means of exposure. Catastrophic injuries can occur and it can be unnecessary if the incident could, or should, have been prevented. How can a person prevent these types of injuries from affecting themselves and their co-workers?

One step a person can take is to report their workplace injury or illness to the appropriate parties. OSHA, a federal governing agency, oversees how employers comply with federal standards and can take action based on a person's complaint. It may start with an investigation, but OSHA's (and other state governing bodies) investigations and conclusions can be helpful if seeking damages for personal injury sustained and medical care sought due to suspected employer negligence. While workers' compensation can help to fill in the gaps, sometimes it isn't enough depending on the situation.

Preventative complaints to the appropriate agencies can have a beneficial outcome for co-workers, as well as oneself, in a potentially hazardous work situation. Depending on the industry of work, different regulations will apply to different employers. However, everyone has the right to a safe and healthy work environment. Too many families know the hardship that a work injury or illness can have on their family.

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