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June 2017 Archives

How does the SSA determine if a Florida worker is disabled?

There are government-assistant programs aimed at taking care of our country's residents who are otherwise unable to care for themselves and their families. These programs vary by condition and location. However, one potential benefit offered to the taxpaying Floridian is Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are available to most of-age workers who contributed an appropriate amount to social security and are in face, disabled. What does the Social Security Administration consider disabled you ask?

What elements should be present to prove a wrongful death suit?

Wrongful death suits are often brought in cases in which a loved one dies unexpectedly or in an unusual way. Proving a wrongful death case isn't typically the first thing on a grieving loved one's mind when a loved one is lost so tragically. However, once the initial grieving period has passed, one should really think about how the details of a person's death could affect the remaining loved ones and their future. There are a few elements that should be present when a loved one dies unexpectedly, like in a work accident.

OSHA cites Florida manufacturer after worker's death

A work-related accident can lead to serious injuries and even death. In a recent tragic example, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's investigation of the death of a machine operator at a Pensacola electrical cable manufacturer resulted in 12 citations and proposed fines of $226,431.

Submit an SSD claim correctly the first time

In the American legal system, if a person doesn't like the outcome of their legal decision, they most often have the means to appeal the decision. This appeals process does apply in most cases in which Florida citizens seek Social Security Disability benefits. However, while an appeal might take more time and effort than one had bargained for. The national average wait time for appealing a SSDI decision is currently 583 days to get in front of an administrative law judge.

Recovering lost wages after a work accident injury

Whether a Florida resident drives for a living, performs construction labor or even works a desk job, anyone can be the victim of accident injury while on the job. Of course, some injuries are more likely to affect certain workers in certain industries. Physical and mental injuries can not only threaten a person's health, but they can take from them their ability to earn a living wage.

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