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Recovering lost wages after a work accident injury

Whether a Florida resident drives for a living, performs construction labor or even works a desk job, anyone can be the victim of accident injury while on the job. Of course, some injuries are more likely to affect certain workers in certain industries. Physical and mental injuries can not only threaten a person's health, but they can take from them their ability to earn a living wage.

In legal terms, this is what is known as lost wages. Essentially, lost wages are the wages one would have earned, had they not been injured and rendered unable to perform. It is a real loss that those who have suffered work accident injury can suffer both in the short and long term. It is particularly important for those whose work accident injury was suffered due to negligence on behalf of another.

Workers' compensation benefits are offered on behalf of an employer's insurance when their employee is injured on the job. They can cover expenses related to lost wages. However, it may not be as encompassing as one would hope. Depending on the severity of one's injuries, and the cause behind them, seeking compensation due to negligence may be the better route. Negligence claims seek damages based on a variety of losses, one of them being lost wages.

Lost wages are likely not the only loss an injured worker and his or her family suffers after work accident injury. Medical expenses, pain and suffering and other compensable expenses are also relevant to injured workers and their family. Seeking a personal injury claim may be the preferable route over workers' compensation benefits. Sometimes they can be sought in tandem, but not always.

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