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July 2017 Archives

Protect yourself by understanding workers' compensation benefits

Florida workers who suffer an injury in the workplace face difficulties that extend far beyond the physical ramifications of their injury. In addition to the sheer cost of even the most basic of medical care, lost wages and other accident or illness-related expenses can have a devastating financial impact on a family.

One Florida utility has high number of workplace deaths

Workers' compensation options are available to help in circumstances of a fatal workplace accident. According to a local paper, over the last two decades, more workers have died at power plants run by one utility than any other state utility. While the utility had nine workplace deaths in the past two decades, other, and much larger, utilities in the state had no greater than three deaths. Four workers recently died at one of the utility's plants when they suffered severe burns after a molten substance that is referred to as slag escaped from a tank where it was contained.

What workers' compensation benefits are available to me?

Workers' compensation benefits are an important protection for workers injured at work. Workers who have been injured at work may have a variety of questions related to workers' compensation benefits. Injured workers and their families, relying on workers' compensation benefits, may wonder what benefits they will receive and in what amount.

Key points about medical treatment and workers' compensation

When Floridians suffer injury on the job or become ill due to their work they do, they can seek workers' compensation benefits. These benefits will cover for wages, allow them time to recover, and pay for medical expenses. However, people need to be cognizant of their responsibilities. Regardless of whether it is necessary to seek emergency medical attention or it is less serious but still meets the requirements for workers' compensation, there are certain things that a claimant must do. Remembering how this applies to medical treatment is vital.

How does OSHA help American workers?

Until as recently as the 1970's American workers were often subjected to harsh and dangerous working conditions. Whether they were working in a dangerous construction zone or a factory dealing with hazardous chemicals, employees had little protections in place.

A work-related fall may have landed you in need of workers' comp

Numerous Florida residents face high and low points during their careers in construction work. As a member of this field of work, you may have a particular insight into how fast-paced, risky and enjoyable this line of work can feel. Of course, you may also know that you face certain dangers and hazards that individuals in other occupations may not, and as a result, you may feel a bit uneasy about the risky aspects of your profession.

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