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A work-related fall may have landed you in need of workers' comp

Numerous Florida residents face high and low points during their careers in construction work. As a member of this field of work, you may have a particular insight into how fast-paced, risky and enjoyable this line of work can feel. Of course, you may also know that you face certain dangers and hazards that individuals in other occupations may not, and as a result, you may feel a bit uneasy about the risky aspects of your profession.

Though many hazards often remain present on a construction site, falls often make up the most common injury-causing accidents. In many cases, preventative steps could have helped to reduce the risk of such an incident taking place.

Causes of falls

A considerable number of factors could go into causing a fall-related accident. Some of those factors may include:

  • Unstable surfaces
  • Lack of preventative equipment
  • Missteps and other human errors

Additionally, individuals in charge of worksites could potentially also put workers at risk. If they do not get the proper clearance when it comes to ensuring that new flooring meets stability standards, issues could arise that result in workers falling due to collapses. Employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers.

Preventative measures

Luckily, many preventative steps could help keep workers safer while they carry out their necessary duties. Employers may wish to look into safety measures to reduce falls, including:

  • Installing guardrail systems
  • Implementing warning systems near edges and uneven surfaces
  • Utilizing aerial lifts for high areas
  • Ensuring that holes remain covered
  • Installing safety nets
  • Providing safety harnesses and other fall-prevention equipment

Furthermore, employers and workers may wish to ensure that their work areas remain tidy. If power cords, equipment and other gear lay strewn over the work area, you could easily trip and fall. If your duties require you to work at an elevated height, such a simple mistake could result in serious injuries.

If you have suffered injuries while on the job, you may wonder how you will contend with the medical expenses and lost wages that may accumulate as you work to recover. Luckily, gaining information on workers' compensation may provide you with knowledge that could help you pursue benefits that may assist you during this difficult time. Therefore, you may wish to utilize local reliable resources to better understand the qualifications needed to obtain benefits and the application process for working toward financial assistance while you focus on your much-needed healing.

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