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Key points about medical treatment and workers' compensation

When Floridians suffer injury on the job or become ill due to their work they do, they can seek workers' compensation benefits. These benefits will cover for wages, allow them time to recover, and pay for medical expenses. However, people need to be cognizant of their responsibilities. Regardless of whether it is necessary to seek emergency medical attention or it is less serious but still meets the requirements for workers' compensation, there are certain things that a claimant must do. Remembering how this applies to medical treatment is vital.

When the person goes to see the doctor, he or she must tell the doctor what happened with a full description of the incident that led to the injury or way in which the injury occurred. The doctor will ask questions regarding any medical issues or injuries from the past and the person must answer them truthfully. The injury and if it was related to work must be discussed. If it was linked to work, it will need to be determined if the person can work or not.

It is possible that the person will be released to work, but is incapable of doing the job from before the injury, the doctor can give instructions as to what work the person can and cannot do. The person must go to all the appointments or the workers' compensation benefits might be suspended. After visiting the doctor, the person should contact the employer and explain what the doctor said. If a hospital stay is necessary, the employer must be notified. As soon as possible, the employer must get the note from the doctor regarding the worker's condition.

It is possible that the employer will have work that the employee can do despite the injury. If so, the worker should ask when to come back to work. If not, the employer should be aware of how to contact the employee if sufficient work becomes available. The insurer should be contacted to inform them of the doctor's diagnosis. The employer is required to provide medical treatment to the injured or ill worker. The worker should not go to a private doctor. It must be a doctor who is an authorized treating physician by the insurance company.

Workers can be denied workers' compensation benefits if they do not follow the rules with getting medical treatment. If there is an issue or confusion with workers' compensation and the accompanying medical treatment, having legal help is essential. For help with workers' compensation, that is the first call that should be made.

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