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What workers' compensation benefits are available to me?

Workers' compensation benefits are an important protection for workers injured at work. Workers who have been injured at work may have a variety of questions related to workers' compensation benefits. Injured workers and their families, relying on workers' compensation benefits, may wonder what benefits they will receive and in what amount.

In most circumstances, the benefit check is two-thirds of the injured worker's average weekly wage. Benefit checks are paid bi-weekly. The method used to calculate the worker's average weekly wage can be complicated so it is important for the injured worker to understand how the benefits are calculated and ensure they receive the benefit amount they should receive. Within 21 days of the injury being reported by the worker's employer, the injured worker should begin receiving benefit checks.

In order to receive benefits timely, it is important to report the accident and injury the worker has suffered to their employer within 30 days. Workers will also receive benefits related to the medical care and treatment they need such as the costs of doctors visits, prescriptions and other elements of their medical care and treatment. All of the medical costs will be submitted to the employer's insurer for payment.

Workers' compensation benefits can help workers who have been seriously injured on the job and can provide aid and assistance to them and their families with the daily costs associated with life they may have difficulty meeting when injured and out of work. It is important for workers and their families to be familiar with the benefits they should receive and how to ensure they are receiving the assistance available to them if any challenges obtaining benefits arise.

Source: Division of Workers' Compensation, "Injured Worker Frequently Asked Questions," Accessed July 18, 2017

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