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If your job made you sick, you could have a right to benefits

You know that when a Florida worker suffers an injury because of an accident in the workplace, he or she would likely be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. However, these benefits also extend to workers who become ill due to their jobs. Occupational illnesses can have a serious impact on your ability to work and your medical bills can quickly add up, but you have options. 

Protections for loved ones after a workplace fatality

Fatal workplace accidents are a devastating blow for surviving family members of victims. During 2012, there were 209 workplace fatalities in Florida. As of 2012, the number of workplace fatalities was trending downward from a high of 422 in 2004. However, each loss is a significant loss for surviving families members and loved ones of the victim.

Workers' compensation can help with injuries and illnesses

Suffering from a workplace injury or illness is a serious concern for workers and families. In Florida, employers with greater than four employees and all construction employers, are required to provide their employees with workers' compensation benefits, if they have suffered a workplace injury or illness. Because injured workers can be left with significant medical expenses and an inability to work, it is important for them to understand their workers' compensation benefits and the process.

Falls are a serious danger for construction workers in Florida

Construction falls can result in serious and disabling injuries and death. Throughout Florida, construction workers build bridges, houses and other buildings, as well as maintain structures for citizens to use and enjoy.

Different disability benefits available through Social Security

Social Security Disability resources are an important option for disabled individuals. Disabled individuals may become disabled in a variety of different ways, including in the workplace. Social Security offers two options to disabled individuals to help them with their daily costs of living after they have become disabled and unable to work. Both disabled individuals and their family members should be familiar with disability options and the disability benefits available.

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