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Protections for loved ones after a workplace fatality

Fatal workplace accidents are a devastating blow for surviving family members of victims. During 2012, there were 209 workplace fatalities in Florida. As of 2012, the number of workplace fatalities was trending downward from a high of 422 in 2004. However, each loss is a significant loss for surviving families members and loved ones of the victim.

What elements should be present to prove a wrongful death suit?

Wrongful death suits are often brought in cases in which a loved one dies unexpectedly or in an unusual way. Proving a wrongful death case isn't typically the first thing on a grieving loved one's mind when a loved one is lost so tragically. However, once the initial grieving period has passed, one should really think about how the details of a person's death could affect the remaining loved ones and their future. There are a few elements that should be present when a loved one dies unexpectedly, like in a work accident.

OSHA cites Florida manufacturer after worker's death

A work-related accident can lead to serious injuries and even death. In a recent tragic example, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's investigation of the death of a machine operator at a Pensacola electrical cable manufacturer resulted in 12 citations and proposed fines of $226,431.

Workers' compensation and a loved one's sudden workplace death

The day in which a loved one is tragically killed in a work accident often starts out like any other. Oftentimes, nothing about the start of the day seems unordinary. This can really hit home with West Palm Beach families who have lost loved ones when they died in a work accident.

Underwater filmmaker's family files suit after diving accident

When news broke that Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart was missing after a routine dive in the Florida Keys, a large suit followed to search for him. Rob was best known for his 2006 Film "Sharkwater," which took a look at the impact of shark hunting/fishing on the ecosystem. On his last dive, he and a co-worker were diving to film footage for their follow-up film. After surfacing, Rob and Rob's dive partner were having trouble breathing.

Florida work-related death toll rises above national average

OSHA, along with other state-appointed agencies, monitor and investigate incidents of work-related accidents, injuries and deaths. These incidences are not only investigated, they are tracked for the purpose of determining trends in workplace injury and death that can be minimized or eliminated completely. Many work-related deaths are the result of an unsafe work environment.

Closing arguments in wrongful death case, FL officer on trial

Closing arguments have been made in a wrongful death case against a West Palm Beach police officer. The case caught mass media attention when a young man was shot and killed by the police officer on his family's property. According to the officer, there was a threat of deadly force before he discharged his weapon. According to the young man's family, his actions were negligent and without merit.

Work-related motor vehicle accident kills construction worker

Florida construction workers and their families are keenly aware that there is a certain amount of risk in their chosen profession. Given the nature of the work with heavy equipment, large vehicles, working at significant heights and the physical nature of it, accidents can happen that lead to injuries and death. One of the worst calls that a family member can receive about a loved one is that they have been killed in a work-related accident. When this happens, there will be a number of things that must be done, including considering a wrongful death lawsuit.

Three construction workers die entering manhole

Tragedy struck the families of three utility workers who died last Sunday, January, 15, 2017, in Key Largo, Florida, when they each attempted to address a paved street that was not properly settling. The tragedy began when one worker descended a manhole try to determine the reason for the problem. He soon when silent, prompting another worker to head down to check on him, fearing the first worker may have been trapped. Again, silence. A third worker, recognizing a serious problem, then descended in an effort to safe his co-workers. He too, did not return.

Florida construction worker fell and died in a work accident

People in Florida who work in the construction industry invariably take a significant amount of pride in helping to create something from nothing and watching as their role in a project helps it come to life. However, these jobs also carry with them a certain amount of inherent danger. Those who have a loved one working construction will dread receiving the phone call that their loved one died in a work accident. Unfortunately, this type of thing does happens and those affected need to know what to do in its aftermath.

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